A Rainy Day in Eden

Indigo Ink

A chance encounter on a crowded dancefloor turns Indigo into a pawn in the dangerous games played by the hungry things that go bump in the night. With the right moves, a pawn can become a queen, but at what cost? Sink your teeth into this character-driven tale of vampires, lost souls, and the Faustian bargains they make in the dark.

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The Rough

"Stay among people. Pretend to be human. Keep an eye on the exits. Those were some of the first rules freedom taught us..." Escaping the laboratory that created them was just the beginning, and the hunters are relentless. It's up to a girl called "Ersatz" to keep herself and the others alive, but she has a plan...

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Uncanny Magazine

A 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2022 Hugo Award winner, 2016 Parsec Award winner, 2019 British Fantasy Award winner, and numerous-time Locus Award finalist, Uncanny Magazine is an online Science Fiction and Fantasy magazine featuring passionate tales that make you feel.

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