MFA of Fortune

Price: $2/page
Recommended for last minute polishing before a work is submitted, at this level I will perform micro-level editing to address errors in:
·         Grammar
·         Spelling
·         Syntax
·         Typos

Copy Editing
Copy Editing
(Corrections with explanations)
Price: $4/page
In addition to proofreading services, I will use Word's Track Changes and Comment features to denote what I've altered and offer basic explanations as to why. This is especially helpful for writers looking to expand their grammar proficiency. I will also address:
·         Awkward Phrasing
·         Word Economy
·         Clarity
·         Repetitive language

Content Editing
Price: $8/page
Content Editing
(Corrections, Craft Analysis, & Critique)
Content editing includes a workshop-style critique of your text. I'll offer a synopsis of the work, highlight strengths and weaknesses, and offer suggestions for going forward. Additionally, you may include specific questions on a separate page at the end of the manuscript (This page doesn't count toward billing). These can be anything, from "Did you get that this was a Sherlock Holmes pastiche?" to "What can I do to make Bob seem more sympathetic?" I'll answer these questions to the best of my ability as part of your critique. In addition to copy editing your work, content editing expands the scope of my interaction with your text to include craft elements such as:
·         Voice
·         Dialogue
·         Character Arc
·         Narrative Strategy
·         Tension
·         Pacing
·         Worldbuilding
·         Foreshadowing
·         POV
·         Tone

I use Microsoft Word for all services. Manuscripts should be double-spaced, in 12pt courier font, and have standard 1-inch margins. Files should be in .doc or .docx format.
I accept payment through Paypal.

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