About the Author

The Truth:
At the age of ten, Liam Meilleur invented the moon. As a teen, he hitchhiked his way across Atlantis and chased the waves back into the sea. In 2013, Liam was kidnapped by a conspiracy of clarion crows and taught the art of telling interesting lies by masters of the craft, such as Neil Gaiman, Samuel Delaney, and Ellen Datlow. Liam was last seen storming the beaches of Academia...

The Other Truth:
Liam Meilleur is a Clarion West writer with an MFA from the University of New Orleans. He is currently pursuing a PhD in creative writing on a teaching fellowship from Binghamton University, where he serves as the editor-in-chief of the Harpur Palate literary journal. Liam is also a submissions editor for Uncanny: a magazine of science fiction and fantasy

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