Friday, August 19, 2016

Puppy Powers, Liberal Machinations, and the Hugo Awards

 Rabid Puppies of Pelennor Fields

I’ve joined the LitReactor team as a columnist for the site’s online magazine, and my first article, “The Rabid Puppies of Pelennor Fields” just went live. It’s about the politicization of the Hugo Awards and whether or not the Puppy Powers were right that a cabal of liberal insiders were rigging the results.

Here’s an excerpt:
The trolls weren’t just at the gate. They’d knocked the damn thing down.
But wait…What makes them the trolls in this story?
The message announcing the Sad Puppies 2015 campaign claimed the establishment had turned the Hugos into an “affirmative action award” that was given to authors just because they belonged to, or wrote about, an “underrepresented minority or victim group.” This premise is an open invitation to challenge the legitimacy of any Hugo awarded to anyone who doesn’t happen to be a straight, white man. Meanwhile, the leader of the Rabid Puppies refers to women’s rights as an “evolutionary dead end,” and the recipient of five of the eight Castalia House Hugo nominations openly rants against the queer community. It’s a perfect recipe for weaponizing the comments section of articles about Anita Sarkeesian.
Read the rest here.


  1. it is now common in todays world that the awards are now being rigged and it is a proof for those people who believe that they are not being rigged.

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