Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Recommended Reading: "The Bones of the Matter"

The Bones of the Matter” by Cassandra Khaw (See the Elephant)

Unsure of her lover’s fidelity, Mei Fong asks her mother for a little magical insurance in this tale about the intrigues of love, cooking, and maternal wisdom. The premise of this tale is a familiar one: Mei’s girlfriend has been spending a lot of time with a guy, and the thought of being cheated on is killing Mei. Khaw’s protagonist is a perfect mess: insecure, fatalistic, and desperate to be wrong. Mei’s mother is precisely none of those things. 

I should warn you: this isn’t a story to read on an empty stomach. 

I should also warn you that Khaw is a siren. The music of her writing will lure you in. It will lure you in, and you will drown, blissfully sinking into the depths of its textures, scents, and flavors. Truly, the poetry of this story’s prose is an embarrassment of riches.


  1. Haha this seems to be a one messed up story but I guess so is living with the fear of being cheated on. I think the fear killed me more than the cheating itself did

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