Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Recommended Reading: "The Wolf and the Tower Unwoven"

When a feral wolf in human form turns up outside Cresa's house, the humanity that she once sought threatens to become the chain that binds her, and she is forced the weigh the balance between her heart and her freedom. Sandoval’s command of voice and empathy are on full display as she weaves this tale of intrigue, divinity, and destiny into a vivid tapestry of captured affections and bittersweet resignation. While Sandoval’s evocative style has always drawn me to her work, this one made me fall in love with her storytelling, too. The plot is clockwork smart, and her reimagining of classic mythological characters feels both faithful to their antiquity and freshly imaginative. "The Wolf and the Tower Unwoven" easily became a favorite among favorites. 

PS: Dear Universe,
The world needs an audio version of this story. Pretty please?

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