Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The Speculative Engine

An introduction to worldbuilding in speculative fiction
Read more about Bloom's Taxonomy here.

I took a class on instructional design this summer. For the final, I had to create a standalone class on the topic of my choice. I went with “An Introduction to Worldbuilding in Speculative Fiction.” The project had a multimedia requirement, so I made The Speculative Engine—essentially a website version of the class. I wanted to create something that could introduce the concept of Worldbuilding, along with some methodology, to writers who are interested in trying it but don’t know where to start. 

Based on Bloom’s Taxonomy, The Speculative Engine is sorted into six parts, and browsing over the whole thing takes about that many minutes.

Part I – What We Talk About When We Talk About Worldbuilding
Taxonomy: Knowledge
Objective: Define the term “Worldbuilding”
Taxonomy: Comprehension
Objective: Recognizing worldbuilding elements in a narrative
Taxonomy: Application
Objective: Practice rudimentary worldbuilding
Taxonomy: Analysis 
Objective: Evaluate conceptual viability in worldbuilding
Taxonomy: Synthesis
Objective: Examine the relationship between worldbuilding and characters
Taxonomy: Evaluation
Objective: Analyze and extrapolate from a worldbuilding sample

The Speculative Engine is totally free to use. I made it for a class, not for profit. 
There's nothing to buy, upgrade, or even donate to. Anyone may use it.  

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